Black Cod

Alias Butterfish or Sablefish, these natural beauties are long-line caught at over a fathom deep. Extremely deep water fish, these have a very high oil content -and all the richness of a King Salmon – in a tender, naturally delicious white fish.

Black Cod

Dover Sole

A mild-tasting fish that is loved by even non fish eaters. Not to be confused with European Dover sole, Pacific Dover sole is not a true sole and is related more closely to flounder.

Dungeness Crab Meat

No mess or hassle, let us do all the work for you so that you can sit and enjoy the sweetest most succulent crab on this planet. We pull live crab from our tanks, cook and then shuck  them daily to supply our fresh crab meat and fresh crab cakes.

Fresh Rockfish Fillet

The sweet flavor and firm flakey texture make this a favorite for frying, baking or even grilling.  This is the perfect fish for tacos and soups as well.

Live Crab

We bring in between 300-600 pounds of sweet, plump, live Dungeness crab weekly. (These are often delivered by the crabbers who caught them!) Live crabs are housed in our sparkling 3,000 gallon salt water show tanks until they’re ready for you to take home, for us to cook for you or to make our Perfect Crab Cakes. Pick yours out and take it home! We’ll talk you through the process if you haven’t done it yet. 

Mediterranean Mussels

Mussels, like clams, are perhaps the easiest fish to cook, they need nothing other than a simple steaming to cook their meat and release the flavourful broth they contain.  There is no better way to start off a meal than with a mussels appetizer in a savory broth that makes you just want to lick the bowl when no one is looking.

Perfect Crab Cakes

Artisanally made on site from our whole cooked crab. Mayo-free, so perfect for Paleo or clean-eating followers. A “Crabber’s crab cake”, our meaty Dungeness cakes feature a dusting of Bay seasoning, hints of garlic and green onion and a squeeze of lemon, bound by the natural oil inside the shell. Simply delicious. 

Pink Oregon Shrimp Meat

This cold-water shrimp species is smaller than most tropical shrimp, but its sweet taste and delicate texture have earned it a reputation for being more flavorful than its tropical relatives. The Oregon pink shrimp is one of twenty species of the Pandalid genus, most of which live in the Pacific Ocean.

Shrimp Cakes

Created here at Freshy’s with all Oregon shrimp meat. We bring in these medium pink succulent shrimp from Astoria Oregon and craft them into cakes with a bit of mayo, cilantro and lime. More versatile than you think, our shrimp cakes can stand on their own. Or play with the flavors…swing to cuban or baja or even asian with some ginger or hoisin sauce. Always good: a simple dip of sweet chili sauce. Yum! 

Smoked King Salmon

Our all-wild King Salmon is traditionally cured and smoked onsite. You won’t believe it. Smoked King Salmon is the choice of all natives to the Pacific Northwest known for its extreme high omega oils, finger licking good. Traditionally smoked with our own signature cure process. Don’t take our word, try it yourself while we wrap up some crab or black cod for you to take home. Or order a pound for delivery and see for yourself.