Alaska Sockeye

Wild and red, we partner with a Copper River packer for our Alaska Sockeye. It is absolutely rushed to the planes ensuring that you are get the best quality ever. This is the firmest and reddest of all of the salmon varieties. Little known fact: the vibrant red comes from this salmon’s primary Zoo-plankton diet. Zoo-Plankton are incredibly nutrient dense, and it shows in the brilliant beauty of our Sockeye.

Alaskan Kodiak Red King Crab Legs

From the frigid waters of Alaskan Pacific Ocean or Bering Sea.  Our legs are HUGE, these are twice as large as the average size King Crab Legs. These juicy sweet legs are low in fat and high in protein. Each leg is between 12 to 16 ounces.

Halibut Fillet

Our partners, the Sitka Fisherman’s Co-op, do us right every time with these Halibut Fillets. Flown in from Alaska. This is a lean, mild fish with a large flake and a firm but surprisingly tender texture. Smooth and ready to impress, halibut is often featured at the finest restaurants and eateries. How about featuring it for your dinner?

True Cod

Fresh year-round, we fly it in from northern Alaska for 10 months of the year, then source the best quality all the way down to Cape Flattery. Our ivory white true cod is tender with plump flakes and complete with loin meat. This is also the star in our incredible Fish & Chips. Our beautiful True Cod is one of the simplest fish to prepare …and dress up for an event or special meal. Ask us how.