Your local sustainable seafood shop that fisherman are proud to shop in.
We’ve got a passion and commitment to sustainability, quality of life and amazing eats from the sea. Our founder, Bryce Caldwell, created Freshy’s from a pure passion for the outdoors and enjoyment of catching and eating the best crab, cod, halibut, salmon, mussels and so much more from local waters here in the Pacific Northwest.

Sustainability is part of our shop.
Best practices for sustainability and traceability in what we serve and sell, but also in our location. In where and how we choose to do business. Rather than demolish and rebuild a shop, we remodeled and updated a former gas station. You can still see what it was. And we’re really proud of what it is now.

We’ve got amazing show tanks for our live crab, lobsters and oysters, an outside garden eating area and inside seating with barstools to perch on while you enjoy a few minutes, and a few oysters, with your neighbors.

Best Quality cuts, generous portions, incredible flavors.
From Omega3-rich King Salmon, to sweet live or cooked crab, to buttery black cod, our standards are higher than any market or grocery store you have ever visited before. Shop our sparkling clean tanks and pristine cases.

You’ll meet the men who made the catch.
You may see and meet the fishermen and crabbers who’ve been out in their boats earlier in the day. They often deliver their beautiful fresh catches you’ll see in our cases and tanks.

We know the families who are out in the boats, fishing with hooks and lines. Daily.
We’ve known and worked with our partners for years because of how and where they fish. They’re standards and ethics are unparalleled and we want that for all of us. They work with us because we’re voting with our dollars for the best, freshest fish and seafood, caught gentlest to the Earth, purest for our bodies.

Seafood is about trust.  
We’re certified Kosher and rigorously sensitive to all forms of allergies and beliefs.
Get and enjoy the right catch for your family. Safely.

One more thing… Up To 25%.
Up to 25% of our sales go to a variety of charities throughout the year.

To list just a few of the charities we support:

  • Mercer Island Youth and Family Services
  • Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club
  • NW Childrens Fund
  • Stroum Jewish Community Center
  • Good Wishes
  • Olive Crest
  • Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

At Freshy’s, we’re simply driven to deliver the best sustainably-caught fish we can get.